Latest trends in interior decoration, 2023

Globalization processes, climate change, care for the environment, and active and dynamic life in society impact interior design. Some of the trends in interior decoration that the pandemic gave rise to are here to stay. All the newness we will see throughout 2023 will be related to the search for the ideal solution to achieve well-being and create a comfortable and harmonious space. A home in keeping with the realities of modern times in which we live and getting closer to nature.

Colours on trend in 2023

According to interior designers, in decoration, there is nothing more important than the balance between colours. The ones that will stand out this 2023 are the blue tones, which symbolize air and water. Purple tones provide a sense of spirituality and well-being. Earthy green and other tones express nature in our homes, or the colours in bright tones convey possibility and fun, including orange or red.

Latest trends in interior decoration

Nowadays, people seek to be closer to nature. For this reason, most new owners look for apartments with a balcony or terrace, where they organize a mini garden. The trend towards closeness with nature continues in modern interior design.

1. Holistic design.

Holistic design is the interior of the future. Home furnishings depend on your favourite colours and calming items. You must ask yourself what elements in your home will improve your mood. How can design make you happier, healthier and more productive? Adapt the furniture to your height and needs. Colours and decor should evoke positive emotions. Usually, the holistic design offers corners for relaxation and harmony with oneself.

2. Ancient and modern.

This attractive trend does not translate to use antiques in a modern interior space. Its meaning is to give outdated furniture, old details or original accessories another chance at life. This decorative style will become even more popular in the coming months and years, as it is closely related to the sustainability we all aspire to. We will shoot for saving resources, reuse materials and restorative furniture with its value and history.

3. Ecological houses.

In 2023, we expect a shift from synthetic materials to organic textures. Consumers are turning to designs in harmony with the natural world that also look stylish.

An increasing interest in minimalism that combines simple silhouettes and natural and sophisticated materials such as cane and oak. The use of renewable materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo, and cork in design elements such as floors, furniture, and textiles will be encouraged.

4. Oasis at home.

The house is our refuge. Light tones are back, as is white, which evokes a passion for travel and a feeling of escape. People will be eager for homes that speak to them and their experiences rather than silent designs from the past. The house will reflect its essence and is a small oasis to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

5. Home automation.

Technology and its constant development and progress open up a wide range of possibilities at home to control cold, heat, lighting, video security or home appliances. Over your voice or a mobile app, you can vary the lighting and music, creating different environments in the same space. In 2023, home automation will be an essential part of the design of your home.

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